Well, hey.

Wow, I haven’t touched this place in a long time o-o

Anyways, The Fancy Pants Adventures World 4 (or Super Fancy Pants Adventure) released a few months ago, and had a new update recently (finding the bugs during development of that update was fun :3 ). I now sit in the new Borne Games Discord server, making levels, moderating (woooo), chit-chatting, and other stuff.



I guess I can say I’ve improved my art style since the last time I visited this site. This image is one of a series of levels I am creating in FPA World 4’s custom levels.


Hopefully I have more for you guys (If anyone visits this place anymore) soon!

https://discord.gg/aCHC493 And be sure to check out the Borne Games Discord :3




Extreme Overhype and Fancy Box

Chances are, I’m going back to making Bummin’ it Beach. I watch the SFPA trailer way too much, to the point where I made a loop of the music in the trailer. (Still the sounds in it, though.)

Listening to this loop gave me ideas about my level. I could make Sunken Tower a challenge level. Yay me. 😐

So, thanks Brad. Now I have a bunch of (Super) FPA crammed in my brain. Next thing you know, it’s ink. Speaking of ink, I could do that with Sunken Tower. Got ink everywhere. That might mean animating. AAAHHHHHHH!!!

Now that I’m in the subject of Sunken Tower, it will be a separate level with Bummin’ it Beach. Why? Because Flash Player hit the point where it wouldn’t load the level and close on me. RIP. (Sunken Tower was gonna be mashed with Bummin’ it Beach and Pirate Cove.).

And how exactly will I do a separate level? Look a few posts down. You’ll see. This means that one Transition level between Pirate Cove and Piraty Princess Ship is possible.


More later! Fancymaster1, out.

Kerbals, and not so much levels.

Pretty much where I left off on Bummin’ it Beach (days ago, don’t remember.) was that I placed an Ink Volcano, knowing I could add multiple backgrounds (more than 3), and change their background ratios, with the Ink Volcano being the farthest.

After trying to take a minor break, I ended up trying out Town of Salem and got addicted way too quickly. Luckily I stopped yesterday, but ended up playing Kerbal Space Program. Oh well.

I mess around with the KSP Debug options a lot and ended up making a nearly indestructable rocket because of this (I’m an idiot). Look what I ended up doing in the meantime:


Note: I do this to test whether my rockets can land on other planets and moons. FPM added because I wanted to.

Another reason why I am not doing levels at the moment is that the BorneGames Forum is still nothing but a deserted island filled with near old and ancient topics, along with Russian spammers sailing there, only to be booted out by AJ32. Maybe when people start coming around again, I’ll get back to Bummin’ it Beach.

I’ll go back to being a Kerbal Scientist, thank you.

Fancymaster1, out. (Until the Forum is not so dead, besides spammers)

Canopy Forest

Here’s the third level of World 3! And there is probably no way I can finish World 3 before the release of World 4! YAY!

https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7PjzZd_Y6LMdEVEaUQ0SUpkUGc – Canopy Forest

Bugs I’ve seen so far:

  • Backflip. This was at the very beginning of development on Canopy Forest, when I was gonna demonstrate the pinbally stuffs, the backflip broke. It played the animation, but he wouldn’t rotate. I haven’t come across the bug ever since.
  • Pencil Spin (Still in Super FPA). This bothered me quite a bit. When I was being a professional pencilfighter against Frogs, I was gonna do a Pencil Spin from the ground. Instead, FPM got stuck in one place looping whatever Pencil Spin animation was playing.
  • Slide. This bug is specifically in the Fancy Box itself. When running at your top speed simply on a flat surface or upwards, spam the direction you were holding, he will do his slide animation, then go back to running. Doing that somehow makes him go faster.

I’ll be planning Bummin’ it Beach. I’ll be trying to mash it up with Pirate Cove. Huge level.


Yep. Extra doors in the Fancy Box.

For the longest time, it has been unknown how to add extra doors to the Fancy Box.

Here’s teh code 🙂

onClipEvent(load) {

               worm = “insertlevelhere”


I’ll try to make a mini-level since I do a bit of stuffs in a main level (Canopy Forest, at the moment), and do more the next day.

Something big is happening…

Sorry for the absence, laptop was needed by someone (that’s private).

Brad Borne, creator of The Fancy Pants Adventures Series, created another post yesterday called “Something…”. Our first clue was that it was posted in “The Fancy Pants Adventures” category, that was it. Earlier today, I looked at BorneGames, that post exploded with comments, until what we were looking for was revealed.



This is being released on Steam next month, and hopefully will be put on Borne Games too. http://store.steampowered.com/app/668210/Super_Fancy_Pants_Adventure/

Now, for feedback on the teaser trailers on the Kongregate YT.

  • Some sounds are kind of weird, like the squiggle. I preferred the Remix squiggle sound. SOUND REPLACEMENT TIME 😀
  • The Boss though, I love it.
  • Sounds for landing and footsteps. Fancy.
  • So much pencil combat. There’s the pencil and ink pen, right?
  • You know how I said that some sounds were weird? The others are so darn AWESOME.

To play this, you’d need something kind of like my Dell Inspiron laptop.

  • 2GB RAM
  • Windows 7, 8.1, or Windows 10 x64
  • 2.5 GHz
  • 200MB of Free Disk Space

(Did you know that my Gateway Desktop with Windows 10 Creators Update (Originally had Windows 8.1) has a processor so bad that even my 2004 Dell Latitude D505 is more powerful. It has 1.4 GHz. World 4 would BSoD within minutes.)

Can’t wait to play this! It’s nearly a year overdue though.

Original planned release of World 4: December 2016

Planned Release of World 4/SFPA: August 2017

Canopy Forest Report 1: Pinball

Yes, it’s the only thing besides World 3 Baddies that worked.

Marcelo wanted to try transparent UberForegrounds for his level. I tried getting it from Squiggleville and tested it (In World 2 – Level 2, it was the time I was working on it). It failed. I wanted to do Cannons from World 2 – Level 3. That also resulted in an Epic Fail.

Pinball decides to work. Here’s a gif.


Before recording this gif, the backflip started messing up. It was playing the backflip animation, but he didn’t rotate like he usually did. When I recorded, it worked properly again. Expect this bug.

Also: Fairly is back on Twitter with something next week. What’s it gonna be? I dunno. I’m gonna stop thinking World 4, because it never happens. End of story.

Also, there’s a bug with that platform on the ground (It’s pretty much some ground and walls converted to a platform): When I do a platform hop (Hold down on a platform, then press S), it starts lagging like crazy (Like 2 or 3 FPS?) until he’s at the bottom. Reason? Too large of a platform.

I’ll try to come with more reports. This won’t have much involvement with World 4, unlike Outer Squiggleville and Squiggleville. It’s gonna be more in trees, because, Canopy Forest. What else should you expect?

Outer Squiggleville Post-Release Report 1: Bugs.

I thought I fixed this one bug with a spider near the race. I was wrong.

Back during the early stages of this level, FPM used to go through the ground due to me trying to have the race in the air. A spider seems to do the same at the end of the cave leading to the race (Which is now underground). He still does so. 😦

Wall clipping. There are people who are better at FPA than I am, like AJ32 on BorneGames. There’s this wallclipping trick in the Royal Tub I can’t seem to do. But I somehow got FPM to do so in this level (Fancy Box version). As I was trying to kill a frog at the end (I’ll name him the immortal frog, though I killed him later.), I somehow went through the wall between Outer Squiggleville and the Bonus level under the Transition. whoops.


Any more bugs? Let me know!